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Top logo inspiration sites

logo inspiration sites

Every now and then every one of us needs a bit of inspiration to kick start the creative process. Check out and enjoy the work of your fellow designers. Here is list of 16 great logo inspiration sites, which offer several different types of collections of logos for different occasions.


Logopond is a logo designer community showcasing a large variety of different logos.

Logo moose

LogoMoose is a showcase of selected best logos from all over the world.


LogoGala aims to be an outstanding resource for fresh logo inspiration and will be showcasing great designs in the gallery for your viewing pleasure.


Logofaves filters through lots of the designer portfolios every day and catalog the greatest logos out there.

Logo From Dreams Awards

Logo From Dreams Awards is a place for stocking the most creative and inspired logos from all over the world.

Logo of the day

Logo Of The Day is a high-profile logo design award scheme that rewards the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. All suggested logos are screened by our two judges Jacob Cass & Jeff Fisher to ensure this. Logo Of The Day is also a place to go for logo design inspiration.

Brand new

Brandnew focuses on logo redesigns and updates.


Creattica is a gallery of great design and inspirational imagery. Anyone can submit their work for consideration and voting on items is open to one and all.


Logosauce is a free logo showcase for designers.


Lo8os is a logo gallery and graphic design community.


Logoed is a logo showcase site that's been around since 2001.


Logolounge is well categorized payed logo gallery.


Logospire is a logo gallery.


Another logo inspiration site.


The author describes his own site with the following words: The logos I post are those which made me smile and think, the ones I wish I had thought of first! I like it when logos take me by surprise, either with unexpected associations or playful ideas.

Brands of the World

The largest collection of logos available to download in vector format.

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morse's picture
69 pencils

Logo Design Love is great too:

Anthony Proulx's picture
50 pencils

How come you didn't mention this really cool site called

Have you ever even been there or heard of it?? :) :) You must not like it. ha

Downloadable logo inspiration= win!

Ivan's picture

Irony? :)

Anthony Proulx's picture
50 pencils

yes, I thought you'd like that comment :)

JimD's picture
2626 pencils

OMG! You missed the most useful one of the bunch. While it's not a collection of made-up logos by users, BrandNew takes a look at logos that have been re-designed and offers commentary and user input. It's a more intelligent look at logo design, if you ask me.

The only problem I have with most of these other sites is that 99% of the work on the sites are just "spec" work done for the sake of uploading to these sites. They aren't real logos. They aren't even real companies. And on top of that, many of them aren't even really logos - they're small illustrations. Sure, they all look cool. But some of them are over the top.

And when you compare many of the higher-rated logos, they all look the same. While looking at these sites certainly provides inspiration, I would hate to see a whole generation of new logo designers putting out work that all looks like the same stuff seen on these sites already. I mean, how many logos with a leaf in it do we need? How many multi-colored 3D page icons or gradient shapes do we need?

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Ivan's picture

Jim, I have BrandNew up there in the middle.

As for the rest of your comment I fully agree. Many of these logos are spec. Idea comes before the client. :)

JimD's picture
2626 pencils

Ah yes. Sorry, missed it the first go through. ;)

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seiben's picture
15 pencils

Nice round-up, Ivan. Some of these sites I've never been to before - thanks!

Jim makes some good points, still, I do find browsing these sites from time to time to be useful, even if many of the submissions are just spec. A clever idea is a clever idea -- whether the logo gets used or not. I enjoy seeing someone else's smart solution to a tricky company name; often at least a few of the submissions make me smile and that can be enough to get me out of a rut when I'm stuck.

I also think it's interesting to see what color palettes are trending, although I do admit I'm getting burned out of all of the Web 2.0 crap.

Sensible's picture
19 pencils

I really really needed this thank you so so much Ivan, you are the man.

Cookie Creative's picture
97 pencils

Coolio, nice list Mr. :)

2 pencils

the ability to use the imagination to develop new and original ideas or things, especially in an artistic context; men; I found it here

JulesMD's picture
4 pencils

Inspiration and ideas for logos and for designs in general is something I struggle with. Lists like these are incredibly helpful to refer to when you need to get ideas to help move you forward. Great list - I will be bookmarking this page for the future. I also came across this logo page that has a compilation of literally thousands of logos that could be helpful for readers as well.

innovasign's picture
1 pencil

Nice list. However, is worth mentioning.
I have my portfolio there. Check it out

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