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Making Future Magic: iPad light painting by Dentsu London

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Slightly off topic but why don't you use this video player on AotW? So much better.

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This is vimeo. Can't use it on AotW at the moment. What's wrong with the player on AotW?

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Ehm, how to say it. You sort of preload the movie but when you skip back the videoplayer deletes all your preload and then you have to load it again. My wireless connection is sometimes pretty lame and then I'm just waiting a lot which is annoying.

Also in general it's not so quick for some reason.

And last, but this is less a point of issue, it starts at 20% volume so I have to raise my volume everytime only to find out later when I'm on Youtube or whatever that it's too loud ;p

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Oh, you don't preload, because it's streaming. There is no data in your browser beyond the immediate frames. Regarding the sound, I'll look into it.

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There is preloading. See here:

The grey bar inside the play bar.

You lose that when you skip back and you have to load all over again. I sometimes have a really slow connection, have to wait again for it.

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Interesting. Not supposed to happen! :) Will check. Thanks

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& would like to ad while agreeing about the player problem cause I have same even if you have seen the ad and want to play it again, it will stream again...

Its is quite slow compared to youtube or vemeo... you better look into this... Thanks

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The only way I can solve this is to swtich from streaming to regular http, like youtube. Streaming (RTMP) supposed to be a better technology for flash videos.

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Not impressed!

I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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quote=steveballmer Not impressed!
Yawn, Of course not. It wasn't created by a Winblows employee.
Your being such a tenacious Winblows fanboy is tiresome. I don't even know why you post except that every time you do your signature pimps the link to your blog.

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This is mega :)

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beautiful but stupid.

Ronaldo! xD

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