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The Life Cycle of a Good Idea

This video is a litmus test for whether someone has an imagination or not. Creative people feel it. The rest think it's the world's craziest lightbulb commercial. What side are you on?

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If only it was a guy instead of a cute girl.

Reminds me of the uncomfortable gut reaction I had with an Adbuster edition featuring a series of photographs depicting elegant super-models wearing gucci dresses and flawless makeup being violently dragged from BMW sedans by police in full riot gear, latte's artfully splashing from their cups.

However, the series in Adbusters was meant to elicit a reaction and leave the viewer wondering "why did I feel what I felt"? Would that emotional response occur if the models makeup wasn't perfect? If she were ugly? If it were a bare-chested latino man with barbed wire tattoos?

Here, I think the violence doesn't have the same value and it actually turns me off a bit which obscures what could have been a very humorous and entertaining message.

My God. I'm still freaked out after watching that.

Without my sense of direction, I don't know where I'd be.

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+1, I wouldn't even know that was really about a lightbulb unless I read on. There was so much violence towards the character in the ad that made it hard for me to even want to finish watching it. It definitely doesn't make me want to go out and grab a lightbulb/ idea if that's the consequence of having one. Terrible.

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I get what the video is trying to say. Good ideas are precious and need to be protected. The problem is, this video is terrible at communicating that. It is not a litmus test for whether someone has an imagination or not but rather if they are a misogynist. The fact is the video creatively fails because the writer/director made the terrible choice of communicating his idea by having a women get the hell beat out of her. Sorry, this is never a "good idea", even when you play some light-hearted music to try to make it cool. If you are trying to reach the widest audience possible, why would you do something that is such a universal turn off?

Could you picture Spike Jones making something this bad? Michel Gondry? Tim Burton?

If this video contintued for another :60 can I assume the little girl at the end gets the crap beat out of her too? Would you film that and put it out in the world? See the problem here?

I also noticed the "Based on a true story" My guess is your ideas are bad, but you just don't know it, as evidenced by this video.

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