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Recently Abdul asked for inspiration for his creative book and on the Hungarian design chat site Inertia I found a post of Tsong about some sites offering downloadable pdf magazines that are quite interesting:

Get busy downloading! If you know of any other similar on-line free downloadable magazines, please add them here.

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Wow, thanks a lot bro.

How about some websites about creative stuff, which you can make without using the packages, as you know, I can hardly use the packages for this book. Everything has to be hand done, and using screen/silk printing and stuff like that to get creative effects.

I can see myself having a good weekend now. :)

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Urban Collective

not a magazine, but full of great work and inspiration


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Graphic Exchange

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another one

I have one it's about "read" I mean read about design, you can download it from


It's in spanish

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here ya go ...

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thanks nice clips

its great work and inspiration
i never saw

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