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Ferrari's hidden Malboro branding

Check out this new barcode design and how Marlboro managed to squeeze in great branding and still stay within the EU law that doesn't allow tobacco branding for F1 race cars.

More commentary and images here.

In my opinion this is unethical and dishonest. Perfect demonstration of Phillip Morris' morality.

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I don't know if you red this in the news or something, or just came across it now, because they changed it this weekend, to a white outline. Of course it's still Marlboro.

I'm not to sure if it's a bad thing. As a big Formula 1 fan, they do pump money into the sport, and yes, smoking is bad, but so is drinking, and alcohol advertising is allowed as well.

And ps:
The Ducati racing team in MotoGP uses the same barcode:

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I have to say that I don't get what's so bad about the bar code. I don't follow Formula 1 and I honestly don't think I would have ever realized the connection with Marlboro if it wasn't pointed out to me.

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Yeah I guess only real Formula 1 fans get it, because Marlboro is a long time sponsor of Ferrari. They're still title sponsor as well though, making the teamname Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro.

Anyway, they pay like 200 million dollar per year for that silly barcode.

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ooooh, very sneaky. I like it.

living on dreams and custard creams.

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are we suppose to understand that the bar code stands to Marlboro ?????

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Yes and no. If you follow the sport forever, then yes, you would see the subliminal messaging.

If you never seen the sport ever, then no.

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This is you people's sneaky way of getting a cigeratte ad on your site!


I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Marlboro all the way. Slick advertising venue.

"Art -- the one achievement of Man which has made the long trip up from all fours seem well advised." - James Thurber

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Judging by their "smart move", I'd say Marlboro is italian wiseguys in disguise... ;-)

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marlbora and ferrari good bss:)

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