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The creator of The Simpsons did awesome Apple art

Apparently, before Matt Groening created “The Simpsons,” he used to do promotional cartoons for Apple. I'd buy it.

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most of those (maybe all) are characters from his original comic "life in hell." the one-eared rabbit is binky.

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We had a poster of his in my office back in the early 90s. Can't remember what it said now (along similar lines as these), but as soon as it went up on the wall everybody wanted it. The Simpsons had only been on tv a couple years so it was already looking like a collector's item even back then. It's probably still buried in the garage of my clueless ex-boss.

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Dear lord those walls of text are hard to read on the posters. What was Apple thinking? A lot of their advertising too is worded like their customers are young idiots who are technologically impotent. Not a very positive message :s

I like the comics though.

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The images in this thread are from a book (look closely - you can see the saddle stitch in some photos). They're not posters.

But I do believe Apple used to push the "Macs are easy to use" nonsense too hard. Imho, that's one of the things that has led to PC users believing Macs are somehow inferior when the reality - except for maybe the years Jobs wasn't there - has always been the opposite.

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Personally I prefer PC. I have more use for them what with gaming, general usage, peripherals & software compatibility. Mac's are harder and more expensive to shop for in most departments. I don't like how most models are excessively hard to mod (from my experience).

Doesn't mean I can't work on a Mac, they're fine and process software more efficiently, I've noticed that and will grant credit there. The GUI is also friendly, just overall the system has a long way to go before I switch. The exclusive "Apple only" crap needs to stop indefinitely before I even consider it. If they did that I bet a good 10% of the market would seriously consider switching.

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It's great to see how people got started and how far they've come.

Inside That Ad

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LOL, apple cracks me up~!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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