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Bin Laden's legacy in advertising

Clearly Osama Bin Laden was an icon in advertising in the last 10 years. His controversial persona and the events around him were a good fit for certain brands including Samsung, Land Rover, DHL and the Cannes Lions advertising festival. Check out some of the ads below. No doubt this post will be updated in the coming days with more ads.

Poster announcing that DHL now has an office in Afghanistan at a time when governments were having a "problem" locating Ossama bin Laden - aerial shot is of Kabul.

Finally, watch this video with Osama giving a statement for Attentants French clothing brand:

An ad on Osama's death.

Also, check out G.W. Bush's advertising legacy.

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I don't like this!
I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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I am not Steve Ballmer pretending not to be me!

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Haha nice collection. Now that he's already dead and with all the media rar-rar, there would be more interesting angles and commercial value to leverage on. BrandZ should do a Top 100 most valuable brands for personality ;). Then we can see if Bush, Obama or Osama will come out on top!

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Upsss!!!!!!! things happen!!!

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I would like to post these ads on my blog, is there a way to find out who created them? I have to give credit to the creators of the ads in order to post on my blog. Part of my niche is always letting people who the ad creators are.

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thank youy

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