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Same ad i changed the Head line font

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The font is horrible, the original font was far better (but still not right) It's dated and childish.

The colors are bland in the phones.

The phone cords are un-natural, they look like they are floating. Even if this is how the cords were in real life, it looks wrong.

Overall, I like the design.

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Font is a really bad choice.

Colours of the phones doesnt concern me too much, but i would try to make the quick photoshopped colourisation a bit more detailed.. and that cable looks like its been making calls to viagra and it just doesnt look natural.

2 more things with the phones:

Spacing, the distance between the left and middle phone is a lot smaller and the middle / right phones gap.

Also, you could do with softening up the shadow under the phones.. it looks like a thick greasy line at the moment, try applying a blur to that shadow to make it look softer.

Now, back to the font
What if you used a font that was already used in the text areas of this ad? Try using the same font as your body text or the serif font thats used on "Ittina Properties".

Good luck with it!

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I got the idea that colors were the flag of India... even though I didn't know that offhand. The telephone cords need help, the perspective is all wrong and there should be variation among the 3 cords. I agree with the others that the headline font needs more finesse, and also fix the terrible spacing in the justified body text (are justified text blocks necessary?)

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Shouldn't the thumbstops be silver, not the color of the phone? Same for the dials (clear, not colored).

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your spot on JLathrop, its what I meant when I was saying about colourisation needs more detail... :)

This ad should look great when its done, cant wait to see the next version !

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I agree, clean up the coloring and photoshop out the phone cords altogether. And change the font.

and start over

just kidding

no im not

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I thought when i first saw this ad in small size, that the phones will have some second meanings. Too bad they are not resembling of elephants :)

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