Indesign plug in problem- quite urgent as well...arrghh!

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can anyone help?

I'm working in Indesign CS2 on G5 and received a disc from another design studio with some Indesign files. Trouble is that i can't open the file.

i get a promt saying - Missing plug ins
In the window it lists- LILO.Indesignplugin and Cellstyles.rph.InDesign

then if i click on OK it lists further plug ins that i'm obviously missing and says the file won't open. and suggests upgrading the software (expensive!)

I update the software regularly- so i though i would be ok,, can anyone give a me a good link to get latest plug ins? I've taken a quick look on Adobe site but it's bloody confusing when you are short on time...

damn my impatience...

thank you!

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Contact the studio

Can you contact the vendor and have them either save an inx file or save back to CS2?

Adobe's plugins page:

Having trouble finding the ones you mention, but still looking.

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Corroboration to my initial

Corroboration to my initial thoughts, but by no means absolute proof :)


Powerpoint is not a design application

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Probably a newer InDesign file

CS3 is out now, and believe it or not, but some people upgrade the moment the newest version hits the shelves. I agree - ask them what version they're using, and have them either send it as an .inx (interchange) file, or, if you're not expected to really be making any changes to it, why not have them send you a PDF?

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ok, thanks, but

The file i cannot open was created in CS2 which is what i have . It's a template file which i have to open and use.

I could go back to them and ask for an inx file - but my boss is keen that we don't as they are a large corporation and a new client of ours and we want to be seen as able to handle anything. obviously if nothing works then i will but it is a last resort

I will check out those links and see how it goes- thanks for quick response guys!


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Don't be afraid to communicate

I could go back to them and ask for an inx file - but my boss is keen that we don't as they are a large corporation and a new client of ours and we want to be seen as able to handle anything. obviously if nothing works then i will but it is a last resort

Sounds very much like you work for a commercial printer, yes? Believe me, clients would much rather get it right then have you spend 2x as long doing it because you couldn't open their file and didn't want to ask for their assistance for fear of reprisal. :)

If you want to do this delicately, you can call the creative department (they are your friends) from where the file originated and ask the designer nicely to provide the plugins or a file in a format you can open.
Powerpoint is not a design application

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No such thing as a dumb question

it's a weird situation that it's the same version of software yet you're getting those errors - but there are a lot of extra plugins that are floating around out there that their template could be searching for which is what's creating the problem.

Did you figure out what it was yet?

A professional phone call to the client in regards to what their InDesign setup is like wouldn't make you appear like you can't handle a job. And stating to them in matter-of-fact terms that the document they sent to you must be sent in a specific format will set things straight for future projects. If anything, it makes you look like a well-organized corporation with specific guidelines that everyone follows.

Too often people are so afraid of looking dumb that they go through way too many pains to avoid it happening, and oftentimes, in the long run, their failure to ask questions is what really makes them look bad.

Here's another thread with people asking similar questions. From reading some of the responses, it looks like there may be a small upgrade patch that you could get to fix the issue?

Dori, have you updated to the free CS2 4.05 update? Earlier versions of CS2 may have trouble with INX files from CS3.

It really does sound like a CS3 to CS2 issue.

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Kelly R's right

It's perfectly professional to ask your client to send you a more universal format. That should be routine for all your clients, in fact. You can say that you want to be sure that local settings for the various plug-ins on your two systems don't cause some unexpected variation in the results of using their template. I'm sure they will appreciate your consideration.


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It would seem this might be a document that they converted out from CS3 for CS2. Apparently CS2 4.05 update can assist with this problem sometimes at as someone indicated, thats what I have read anyway. Its much less likely to be a mac vs pc probem, but regardless its something to do with versioning and styles and features etc. from what I have read.

The two plugins mentioned are available for CS2 however as third party plugins so the best bet would be to ask them if they are indeed using these plugins or if it was exported from CS3 for use in CS2. I don't think this would be unprofessional at all. I think its necessary to get the information you need to get this thing working.

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ok, thanks

ok, thanks for help so far- as a short term solution i have downloaded CS3 for 30 day trial, managed to open the files no problem, then exported as a inx file which i can now open in CS3.

I work for a design agency full time, designbyjez is my part time work (if you know what i mean) I use these forums for either job though.

I have no problem phoning clients or their creative dept and I probably will call them just check everything- is ok. just wanted to see if we could solve it here before going back to them -

only spent a few minutes in CS3- interface looks good though, like the periodic table style icons as well. make the butterfly and other CS2 icons look dated-

thanks again!


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I'm having the SAME problem but this time it just says "Missing Plugins" and doesn't tell me what it is. . . is there a way to OPEN these files WITHOUT downloading CS3? I suspect they were exported from Quark. . .


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missing plug in's

sorry ireid,

If it is the same problem as me then i couldn't find any other solution than downloading CS3 and saving the file as an inx file.

if it was conerted from QXP that shouldn't affect you opening it in Indesign. I managed to get hold of the Quark to indesign plug in earlier in the year and once it's converted to indesign it shouldn't cause any problems.

you need a hand converting a file or something as a short term solution?


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I have three brochures sent from another office and ONE was in indesign and it couldn't open. The OTHER had no file extension so the OS doesn't know what t is and the last one is XPRESS file. . . grrrrrr

If the other office doesn't fix it I MIGHT take you up on the offer!

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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Add .indd or .qxd extensions

Add .indd or .qxd extensions to the file and see if it opens in either program.

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more missing plugin trouble CS3

Same problem as some other posters here, one reason I upgraded from CS2 to CS3 BUT still having the plugin issue - here are the particulars of my dilemma

CS3 from a PC sent to me (CS3 Mac Leopard). Got the message : cannot open - plugin missing or opened by another user, etc. The file is a brochure from a company that went through some personnel changes and name/logo change and I am supposed to update file. ORIGINAL file created on a computer that has been wiped, and previous employee not reachable. PDF file was apparently first saved as jpeg, so it is retyping or OCRing - any ideas? While this is not such a big deal in this case other files will be so if I can find a workaround it would be great.



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