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InDesign CS4 Copy Attributes?

Does anyone know if CS4 has this feature? I love to use it in Photoshop and Freehand had it was well. Saves time and allows for consistency.

Does InDesign CS4 have a copy attributes feature for effects placed on text/vector/raster objects?

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Hi There, not sure if you found the answer but i just did...

Click on the object with the style you want to duplicate > in the effects panel you should see the little 'fx' icon next to the relevant state (object, stroke, fill, text) you are styling. Simply drag this icon onto the un-styled object. Note: this only works if the 2 objects are on the same layer... not sure why but...

Hope this helps

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This is a job for the object styles option.

With the object selected and the effects applied, go to the object styles panel and from the new option create an object style.

Now you can apply this object style to other objects.

You can even import object styles from other documents.

This option is hidden behind the three lttle lines at the right top of the object styles panel.

There you will find the option to load object styles.

Choose it and browse to the document where you want to copy from.

good luck

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