Indesign cs3 Create Outline and add stroke question

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I took text and created it to an outline then placed a graphic fitted to frame. I then hid the frame edges and added a drop shadow. Now I applied a 1.5 pt black stroke to the text outline. When I do this the text becomes wavy or pixalated, ie, jagged edges. Anyway to smooth the lines or am I stuck?

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It may be your display settings for that item. Also check your preferences for default display performance (or something like that).

In either case, it sounds like a redraw/screen display thing. If it prints ok, then that's it for sure.

Hope this helps.

Terry Thornhill

e-zign Design Group

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outline w/strokes

It prints just the same as on screen. Can't figure it out?

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Not sure what's going on.

I'd just recreate the outlined text (or whatever the item is that's giving you trouble) in illustrator, save it as an eps and place it into InDesign. Then apply your drop shadow effect.

Bet that would give you what you're looking for.

Terry Thornhill

e-zign Design Group

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Could be Stroke Setting Problem

Not sure. But you might try this...Open your stroke pallet. Click the middle selection of the Cap and Join Variables.

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Copy that stroke and Paste

Copy that stroke and Paste In Front so it's not underneath any of the other graphic effects you've created.

I'd recommend creating your vector graphics in Illustrator for more control, then place those in your ID layouts.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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stroke problem

Thanks guys, that worked with both suggests. Thanks again.