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InDesign - align caption properly to the image?

how do you align a caption in InDesign properly to the image it belongs to?

aligning to the baseline grid is useless because images vary in size. then you get to much distance between the image and the caption. placing captions by the rule of thumb wouldn't be professional, so how do you align a caption properly?

the aim isto have each caption exactly at the same distance to the image it belongs to.

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One way I've used to quickly set captions a certain distance (usually a percentage of the baseline grid, or there abouts) from the image is to make sure that its text box butts-up to the image box, then add an indent (or inset) to the top of the text box.

This can also be used to set a caption beside or above an image at a certain specified distance.

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Paste the Image into the text box of the caption. Then use anchor options to adjust how you want the image to lock to the text.

You can see the tutorial at theindesigner.com just look for "anchored objects."

When you anchor an object it stays with the text box until you "pull up the anchor" as it were. ;)

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