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Such a drag!

Did you know that you can drag any file ID can place normally right from an application, or the finder?

If you have a folder full of images and text, select them all and drag them to an open ID window. Wherever your mouse is when you let go, that's where ID will start displaying the images/text (it will cascade them down the page). As you are dragging the files from the finder, you should notice a ghosted icon for each file over the ID window as you drag it around.

You can also open a MS Word file with tables in it, select it all and drag it to an open ID window - which will keep the Word Table intact & editable. (QUITE HANDY!).

This tip is a great time-saver if you have a lot of images to place all contained in one folder. Once they're in ID, you can size them and move them around normally.

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what is ID? an abbreviation? If it'll read word tables, I'm interested.

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ID stands for Adobe Indesign, a professional layout and page design software.

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And yes, InDesign will import MS Word tables, as well as MS Excel spreadsheets!

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