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Change one - Change All

color slidersIt's a hassle when you applied a color and you want to lighten or darken it. Finding the good combination of the color combination can be difficult.

When you have selected your color, hold down the shift and take one of the sliders now all the other sliders will go up or down with the chosen one.

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That's a shortcut/option that I've been looking for for ages.

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I have always just converted the color to HSB and adjusted the brightness. That's much quicker.

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Is it safe to do that? Because if you convert CMYK to RGB and back it may change significantly.

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Yes, if you select a color in CMYK, switch to RGB, change the color and then switch back to CMYK, it has changed. But merely changing the color selection mode won't affect your color. #F2F2F2 is the same color, CMYK or RGB, right?
This option is (obviously) not available with HSB selection.

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If the goal is not color matching, but finding a color shade the compliments the original color, then the problem of converting to HSB (or RGB for that matter) is not significant, I just want another color that has the same tonal qualities as the original.

If I wanted a specfic shade of a specific color, then I'd be working with Pantone spot colors and the process would be simplier anyway. Just use a percentage of the spot color.

The nice thing about the tip above is that it saves the time of converting CMYK colors to either spot or HSB in order to get a lighter variance of the original color.

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