Illustrator file into InDesign -- HELP!!

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Hey all.

I have a vector graphic created in Illustrator and when I copy and paste or place it in InDesign the resolution is awful! What have I done wrong? I've also saved it as a TIFF and PSD but those don't work either. Is it the settings I've saved them as? Because the resolution looks fine in Photoshop. I'm not resizing the image in INDD, either.

Sorry -- I've been using InDesign for all of a few days and haven't been able to google any helpful answers.

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I got it...

Finally I hit upon the right combination, as I usually do after I post.


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When you come across a

When you come across a solution, I would say it is customary to share it for people who may find this post in a future search, otherwise they will still be stuck too. In this case, I think it has been taken care of by gwells

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don't copy/paste into

don't copy/paste into indesign. you should almost never copy/paste anything other than text into indesign (there are some exceptions to that rule, but they're rare). save the illustrator file and *place* it in indesign.

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Definitely do NOT paste from

Definitely do NOT paste from illustrator to InDesign. Makes the object hard to work with as well as removing any benefit you would have had from placing it instead (ie. multiple instances changing all at once when you edit the one illustrator file).

I imagine you have a 72dpi jpg or two placed in your illustrator file? That's the only thing that actually has a set resolution in Illustrator since it's a vector art program.

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