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Self plugging link here but for anyone interested in some Mac related creative Icons, I've release a set around some common and not so common objects and hardware. In the interests of disclosure these were designed in conjunction with Mac Creative magazine. Happy New Year.

View Preview of Icon Set

Download Icon Set - 788kb SIT File

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Nice! Thanks.

Got to love the deadline icon! :D

The colored reflections on the Powerbook metallic surface is just amazing. My favourite however the G5 classic with the aged plastic look.

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I like them a lot! The

I like them a lot! The pixelated tools on the Mac screens are ugly though, they'd would look just right without them. :)

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You've got some great icons

You've got some great icons in there, you might try submitting them to iconfactory.com

You should make a countdown widget out of the deadline icon...

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I follow the chorus..

The icons are indeed beautiful as always Cian..
Keep up the good work!

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One more voice to the song of praise

I discovered these before I read this post. Awesome work, Cian. Love your other stuff too.

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Very, very good.

They look really cool and useful, even if I cannot use them. :)

I agree with Ivan, the deadline icon is just precious.

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If you mean Windows

If you mean Windows versions, there will be some in a few days.

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