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Hey Everyone,

I've finally decided on a notebook: 17"PB G4 I know all about the whole intel deal and all that. I know that the first product to get the new processor is probably going to be the PB's I know I know... but I have to get this system in the next couple months. I just want to avoid that whole topic to save everyone some time, breath and keyboard wear... :c)

Basically I have two questions...

1) Is 1GB of RAM enough? (Photoshop Illo Flash iLife etc.)
2) Does anyone have some old RAM (512MB and/or greater) that you'd like to sell and if so how much? (If you want to email me my address is: greg one-waymedia com) If it's lying around and you just want to give it to me that's cool too. Very cool.

Thanks guys!!

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Fill it up!

There is nothing wrong to have more memory in a computer.. it's more wrong to have less.. My guess is.. Most guys starts with 1 gb and then carry on..

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That's what I've got, the

That's what I've got, the 17"PB 1.67GHz with 1GB RAM, seems to perform pretty well. My only complaint is I think that my secondary monitor slows things down graphically a little bit even though I have the 128MB vid. card. Nothing workflow killing though. Good luck!

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I have the 17" PB with 2 gigs. It runs everything well. I can't tell you if it really makes alot of difference because I never had it without it. I DO have 512 strait out of the PB that I would be more than happy to sell. Make me an offer. -

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Ok! I'm interested. :c)

Ok! I'm interested. :c) Where are you located? USA? (if yes region? if not, shipping will be a bear and I'd rather not bother.)

Thanks :c)

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The more the merrier. 1GB is

The more the merrier. 1GB is a must! You only have two slots, so be careful what you get. I would max out to 2GB. Memory is so cheap nowadays, comparing to just a few month ago.

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Well I just had a 256mb dimm

Well I just had a 256mb dimm I dumped two days ago. Using a 15" PB with 1gb RAM for graphics works and it performs well in all I throw at it.

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Thanks for all the

Thanks for all the reccomendations... I think for now I'll get the normal 512MB and get another (from dcp or and install it myself to save $$. I'm a student and don't have much... in fact does anyone know a place I can get "Adobe CS" (PS, Illo etc) cheaply? I don't really want to get the laptop until I can afford the software too... right now I can't. :c(

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if you're a student you could always get the edu versions cheap, only you're not supposed to use them for paid work. 2 years ago I think I got all the adobe stuff for $300 or $400 instead of the normal $1000. Not sure what it is now.

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Yeah, it's about $300 now...

Yeah, it's about $300 now... I suppose that's as cheap as I'll find them. Thanks!

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was enough

1 GB was enough for me until I switched to tiger on my 1.67 AlBook. Now it has slowed drastically, but I think it's the fault of those widgets and things. if you can afford it go more.

It's better than what I have to do now that I have 2 512 chips to swap them out.

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I think a 1.67 PowerPC G4

I think a 1.67 PowerPC G4 and 1GB RAM is going to be a VAST improvement over my current setup:

800 Mhz (about) Pentium Processor, 256MB RAM running Windoze XP all enclosed in a huge, noisy monstor I call "Stupid Computer".

"It's better than what I have to do now that I have 2 512 chips to swap them out." I don't understand... What do you mean?

:c) I'm looking forward to my PB :c)

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