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How do you learn best?

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Magazine Tutorials for me.

My top Recommendations
Computer Arts Projects
Words cannot describe how much I love this magazine, I've been subscribed for many years.

Treehouse Magazine
Brilliant Web Development Mag

Before and After Magazine
Always nice for beginners, and opened my eye to the unseen obvious many times.

Watch this space.


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Really it's a combination of self-discovery of the other ways. I use the product (or do the job). I read books, magazines and Web articles/tutorials to learn more. I read and participate in forums. But it's a self-lead search.

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Looks like a " all of the above " option might be needed heh.



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nothing like the unedited stream of consciousness of one of your contemporaries. it's a big help when they can actually show you something as well as tell you it. (like a live magazine tutorial i guess)...

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Self discovery is very vital to how I learn and is often how I come to master a program or technique, with other methods also playing a role. However I also have to say that I find discussion with pros to be the ultimate learning experience, *especially* when doing so in person. There's just something about discussing the philosophies and concepts and such with experts and picking their brains.

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Self discovery is defiinately the way to go. Pushing buttons and trying things to find out what happens is fun, and it gives you a knowledge of things you might not neccesarily find in tutorials. (the 'Help' function in most software also aids me)
I do sometimes refer to magazine tutorials such as 'Computer Arts' but very rarely look at video tutorials.

Richard Ramsay :: Graphic Designer

Richard Ramsay // Graphic Designer

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i listen to a weekly podcast and i have used online video tutorials.
(was i supposed to say WEB TUTORIALS then? -Sorry)

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