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How DO You Import Font FIles Into CS4

I recently purchased 10,000 fonts that TTF files but only a few of them are actually available in CS4. Does anyone know what I need to do to have them available for use in Adobe?

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buy extensis suitcase, a font management programme, it will allow you to open fonts temporarily and will auto activate fonts used in any doc you open.

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thank you Monkey1979. I guess there are no internal ways of doing it without buying more software?

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If you're running a mac, you could tree Linotype FontExploerer X 1.2.3, it's freeware, they do have a newer version that you can purchase but this one works pretty well for me.

http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/macosx/27903 <--link to free download

Sidenote: I'm running CS2, but still the price tag makes it worth the time to download and try it out.

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I'm following your advice, and DLed the link. Now how to I get it to start in CS4? I'm quite the PS, CS series illiterate


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Since the beginning of Macintosh computers, fonts are loaded into the operating system so all fonts are available to all applications. If you have loaded a font and do not see it available in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop (or ANY other program) then something is wrong with the font.

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ok....so something is wrong with the fonts.....ReALLy??? Arrrgghhh....I am trying to do this project for my family reunion. My niece started it and I'm finishing it but she's used this font called Bernhard Fashion....I found it on the internet, DLed it but it's not working. Should I try to find it again or do you think that font is just funky? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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You purchased 10,000 fonts for a family reunion project? I'll bet you're serving lobster.

Use another font or simply buy from a respectable vender who makes the same font.


If that font doesn't work, we can reasonably say your OS needs to be reinstalled.

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If you actually installed all 10,000, that's your first problem.

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Now there's a point. ;-)

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I didn't install 10K fonts!!!
I only DLed the "Bernhard Fashion" font. But it wont work in my PS. I have the CS4 and I'm working off a MacBook Pro so I don't know what the heck is going on!! Ugh...hate family reunions. And btw, this project is for my Grandmother, who wants all these poster boards with the family trees on it, and she's a B@#$% if she doesn't get it the way it's supposed to be. These people are sooo freaking unreasonable! Thanks again for all the tips. I think I'll just type the stupid crap and screenshot the names etc and open it into PS. I'm doing trying to get the stupid font to work in PS.
Stupid font!!! *kills and stabs font*

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fontbook. it came with your computer.

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Of course I've done that already. Oh well, who cares. I've managed to maneuvered around it and got what I needed done. Thanks for all the help!

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I wrote a blog post a while back on setting up your fonts with FontExplorer and how to clean your System Fonts folder so you're not loading 10,000 fonts every time you boot up. :)


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