How do I Change A Car Photo In Photoshop 6.0.1

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What i mean by the title of this topic.

I posted this topic and by the title i mean how you tune a car using Photoshop 6.0.1 if you know what I mean.Iv'e been looking for a solution for 2 days and nothing so I'll be happy to hear somthing.

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I'm Not Sure Just Anything Will Help So Here's Some More Details

I'm looking forward to tune a Hummer H2 with Photoshop 6.0.1 for my Hummer Fan Site so I'm not sure just any type of help will work.For that reason I am also asking if i need any special instructions.

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Learn to composite? This is

Learn to composite? This is a horribly vague description...

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Mister Car Design: what are

Mister Car Design: what are you trying to do? Without details we can't help.

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Oh Sorry

Oh sorry forgot some of the details. Well I want to change the rims,grill guard,mirrors and the bumpers of a Hummer H2 Except not on a real car but on a photo.There.If that doesn't help tell me.

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I got into this for a couple of months

It can be a real laugh in a petrol head geek kind of a way.

Here are the best tutorials I know of:

Although most of the techniques will require PS7 at least. Good luck with it though.

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Ok, I got it now. You need

Ok, I got it now. You need to make a selection on the image you want to add (for example a grill). Copy it and paste it into the image of the car. It will be a new layer with the grill. Now you can go to Edit/Transform/Distort and you can attach the grill to it's new location. This is the basic concept.

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Thanks Ivan.That should help me since the 6.0.1 version has layers.

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Oh My Im not Sure

Oh My!Im not sure what to do now.I got an image but it has a whole car on it and I want to use it's grill but I dont know how to cut it out.Mind telling me how please?

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heres how

use the selection tools to make a selection of the grill, I would recommend the lasso tool.

Then when you have your selection (you'll see marching ants), copy and paste it onto the other photo of the car you want to mod up.

thats the basic way, you'll need to do a lot of refining and probably a lot of shadow/highlight tweaking to make it look real ;)

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Thanks Jammo!Now I'm surely to finish of the picture(While I was gone I made a undercar neon the folloing site will tell you how and also other things www.digimods.co.uk).

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Oh Not Again!

Got Trouble Every Step I do Guys. I try to select the grill using the lasso but I can't copy it or maybe in don't know how.

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buy a book

Not meaning to be too harsh here but what you really need to do is get yourslef a good Photoshop book. Your going to get into all sorts of bother if you don't learn the basics first.

You'll probably find a good one on Ebay for PS6.

Here is one

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Quick mask is your friend

I have so much better luck trying to mask stuff off in quick mask than I do with the lasso tool. The lasso seems to end up leaving hard corners and straight lines.

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you can feather hard corners and round them off using a low opacity eraser, mijiee has some good advice, best to buy a good photoshop book or try out this site

i believe this is the site, havn't used it in a few years since i started studying graphics

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How Do You

How do You find the quick mask tool.I'm having trouble finding it!

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Mask modes in PS

Can't remember if this is the same in Photoshop but here is where you will find how to activate Quickmask mode in PS CS. Also nor sure if PS 6 has this but mask layer is an even bettewr way of doing it as the mask remains editable so any mistakes can be corrected at any stage.

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Oh Finally!

Oh finally!Now I'm pretty sure I can finish off everything.Thanks anyway.

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By The Way

By the way.How'd you make that photo?

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Just some screen shots taken with Grab and some over the top effects in PhotoShop CS ;)

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Oh ok.It sure sounds simple.