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Logo for a company that specializes in home staging. In other words, making your house look liveable so you can sell it quicker and get as much money as possible for it. The company comes in and puts nice furniture in place, paints, and does little fix ups to make the house look like a designer home. Client likes green.

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Hi Charlie,
nice illustration, but I find the text is not integrated well. Their's a lot of uncomfortable space on the right. Maybe try the text on two lines off to the right. Also I would do sans-serif here to match the clean look of your logo.
You might want to re-think the chair, I'm not sure it's necessary.

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I think this is a solid

I think this is a solid logo, but maybe you could simplify it. Also, there is an idea in there somewhere — the window reflecting light... I'm not sure... You may want to think about giving it a spin by showing the transformation?

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the idea is

ummmmm...shining new light on your home...yeah that's ticket. Ok, I can't BS THAT well. I do know what you mean though.