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Highway Billboard Signs


What are the dimensions & resolution needed for a highway billboard sign? I asked a friend at a design firm and he told me 13cm x 5cm @ 300dpi.

I'd appreciate any corrections from designers who worked on such designs..


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Probably depends on what part of the world, and I hope you mean meters not centimeters (cm).

Ron Gallagher
Citrus Studios

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From the distance from which it's viewed, it'll appear only a few cenimeters/inches large. No need to pack in much resolution when it won't be seen up close anyway.

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I have art requiremnts coming from clear channel billboards here in the U.S. for a 14 foot by 48 foot bill board you may submit a 3.5 in X 12 in 300 DPI.

check here too:

good luck

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Yes Ron, centimeters :)

Big P, thank you so much for the dimensions and the URL you provided.. Very helpful..


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Wow that's really interesting. Learn something new every day.

Ron Gallagher
Citrus Studios

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I would design everything in illustrator (vector) @ half scale and let them decide the rez..

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if you design it at 3.5x12/300dpi I would imagin that they do the scaling and lower the resolution to their own standards that will look right while you are driving by.

But yes, if you've ever seen a Billboard up close its rare they ever have a very high resolution since at low res it still looks fairly crisp from 150' away :P.

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