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healthscope, doctors forum

Possible branding for health care professionals community site, your thoughts please

thank you

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I haven't a clue what the healthscope mark is. On the other hand, if you remove (or greatly minimize) the horizontal stroke in the DoctorsForum mark, I think you have something there.

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The mark on the healthscope logo is a stethoscope which creates a mouse icon, I guess I need to define the stethoscope a little more?

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I got the stethoscope/mouse right away. I thought that it was pretty clever. Not sure about the green color though. Does it have significance?

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I have other colourways, possibly more medically related e.g light blue e.t.c

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I don't believe the Healthscope mark is strong enough yet, but it's a good concept to work on. Nice idea.

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Very cool concept, but I saw this:

...variations on trilobite and beetle shapes.

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Leaky Penny

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I agree with @caoimghgin and think the hands of 'F' could be smaller in Doctors Forum, something like this...

But to me the 'Heath Scope' idea is better for a anti-virus software!
But both the Ideas are cool as a logo.


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It looks too much like the Forum Snowboards logo!

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Yes an unfortunate coincidence, though with the logo I produced the green and blue graphics represent speech bubbles as the job is for a health care professional communication website.

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you got caught my friend jajaja

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I can certainly assure you I have never seen that logo before but yes the similarities are obvious however it wasn't a case of being 'caught', more like a coincidence. As most people in the industry appreciate thought process will be wide and varied and sometimes the outcome will sometimes be similar to what's been done before.

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Dear @stokerjohn you do not have to be embarrassed, because your theme is totally different than this, your box is in horizontal way, not vertical.. Your logo is depicting 'speech bubble' and forming a 'F' in reverse. 'F' or 'I' in a chamfer box logo are common thing as it cut the box in 2 equal size. So go on with your logo, give it a form.


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Appreciate your thoughts and a massive thanks to everyone, I'm going to develop the healthscope logo a little more though so watch this space !

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Top one works with adjustments as commented.

Bottom one? My initial reaction was bean in bondage...

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