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Hands-on Computer Control with Leap

Sure, Microsoft's Kinect is pretty cool but Leap Motion seems set to leapfrog its capabilities for remotely controlling computers with the release of the Leap device. The Leap hardware is about the size of a large flash drive. Just plug it into the USB port of a Mac or Windows system, install the device software, wave a few times for calibration and it would seem you are good to go. But go where, exactly?

The idea is that you can use natural finger and hand movements, or a stylus, to make use of an "interaction space" of 8 cubic feet around your computer to perform system commands or control applications. The inspiration behind Leap apparently came from the frustration of the developers with 3D modeling software but it's said to be appropriate for controlling a wide variety of applications. In a clear knock at Kinect, we're told that Leap is "200 times more sensitive than existing touch-free products and technologies" and can track movements as closely as 1/100th of a millimeter. Also noteworthy is the ability to define your own gestures.

And how much will this wonder of the ages set you back? How does $69.95 sound? A limited number of pre-orders are currently being accepted on the Leap Motion site.

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Its very cool, but it's not going to replace my tablet any time soon. :)

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good for games.

yes I'm brazilian xD

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I could see this working beautifully alongside a mouse - in place of a trackpad.

I use the Apple trackpad almost 100% of the time - though mainly because of the gestures (expose, spaces, mission control). I can picture using this for gestures and the mouse for fine control.

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Although the developer claims this is more accurate than a mouse.

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Not gonna replace my tablet, but maybe my trackpad?

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