Hallmark Scrapbook Strike 3?

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Hallmark Scrapbook Strike 3?

Ok its me again with the online Scrapbook logo. I decided to go a different route and make the logo looked aged and feminine. The Client wanted to see some kind of flurish on there so I tried to incorporate the original scissor idea. Hopefully it still reads? The colors I did not have much choice on she has preexisting website and would like to keep those colors. Let me know if you think it works. Thanks for the feedback.

it looks great

I think it looks great, although somehow the logo does not incorporate with the background very well, but it's just me.

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Can you present this by

Can you present this by itself, in black in white without the background? It looks good, just want to see it for its own merits, without color.

Why 'to die for'? Doesn't make sense.

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that tagline is horrible and creepy.

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I agree that the tagline is

I agree that the tagline is creepy. If it's supposed to be a play on "dye," why not spell it that way? If you're just quoting the common saying, you should place the entire saying in quotation marks ("to die for"). I realize that may be a client's preference, but they're wrong. It would be nice if you could steer them down a better path. I don't feel the logo needs a tagline at all, actually.

The University Roman font for "Hallmark Scrapbook" isn't really very imaginative. If you must use it, though, please work on the kerning, particularly in the word "Hallmark." I don't care for the pillow effect on the words. For this client, flat works best. Think paper.

Did you reduce the vertical on the scissors and dots without proportionally reducing the horizontal? It looks unnatural.

As natobasso suggests, it's best to see how this logo looks without the background and colors.


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"Die Cutting" is what I

"Die Cutting" is what I think it might be referring to. Hm. I agree with Mara.

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Oh yes, Seraphim.

Oh yes, Seraphim. Die-cutting is probably what it's supposed to refer to. I doubt that most people would get it, though. It's a fairly obscure term to the average person, even end-users of products that dies are used to create.


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Is it me?

I think you need to adjust spacing of your logo and logotype. They are really tight. Trapping lots of space, creating lots of tension points. Same goes for the 'creepy' tagline, move it down.

Also, try removing the bevel from the logo, it's not practical, and it's not adding anything to your logo, especially in such a detailed mark.

Typography and image do not match n my opinion. Mark is overly detailed and the scissors look dangerous.

Truthfully, I think this identity has more misses than hits. You may be better off back at the drawing board.

Also, not sure if this was covered on a previous post but... Hallmark? The is only the worlds largest greeting card company? Do you think this is appropriate?

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Hallmark franchises

Yes, ShawnAllen, Hallmark is what you say it is, but there are many "Hallmark Something" stores -- franchises, I assume -- each having its own logo. There's one in my town that doesn't even have the word Hallmark in it. I guess this client is operating something like that.