Great post, but the comment stuff is confusing as crap!

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I wanted to leave a simple comment on the biz cards design post. First I have to follow the entire rigmarole of signing up -- why!? I just want to leave a cottonpicking comment for crying out loud.

When I do login, with a stealth "onetime only" password and whatnot, and come back to the post to post a comment, it tells me "Access denied".

So I am posting a "forum topic" here, WTF?

Your content is superb mate but please use a half-decent blogging tool. Drupal sucks rocks with its most basic implementation of things. Designed by pizza-guzzling geeks for pizza-guzzling geeks.

And an RSS feed wouldn't hurt so your readers can, you know, read more of your stuff! Not that this may have occurred to the twits at Drupal yet.

But anyway, thanks for a funny post about those biz cards. My last comment on this painful site..

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Drupal is perfectly capable of allowing anonymous comments with the click of a button. The problem is that spammers go crazy when you do that.

Access Denied? Must have just been a simple database error.

Half-decent blogging too? Drupal is about as good as it gets for a CMS. It's not really meant to be just a blogging platform, but it does it just fine.

There IS an RSS feed, I don't know why you can't find it. In fact, Drupal allows you to have an RSS feed for the entire site, each blogger individually and by section.

Perhaps you should have half-a-clue before you spout off about pizza-guzzlers at Drupal.

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Sorry to hear your issues. We deliberately don't want to have anonymous comments, because we don't want one-off comments.

I'm not sure how you got access denied, but apparently it worked fine in the end.

Here is the main page feed: http://creativebits.org/node/feed

Here are all the RSS feeds: http://creativebits.org/syndication

Let me know if you need any other help!

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In less than the time it

In less than the time it took for you to whine about it you could have signed up. Quit complainin' and start postin' mate. And this site is made with Drupal which shows how much you know about it.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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Everybody has off days,

Everybody has off days, Shanx. (I've been having quite a few of them myself lately.) So why not try that entrance again? Would you like to take a few minutes to tell us about yourself, maybe post a design for critique or something a little more community-minded? You might be surprised by the range of talent and helpfulness here. While you offer up your pearls of wisdom, you might just find a few for yourself, but that's kind of up to you, capisce?


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I can't see how anyone would

I can't see how anyone would be concerned with you leaving if that is your first post. I'm sure your expertise will be missed.

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LOL! That's just incredibly

LOL! That's just incredibly funny to me, for some reason... "your expertise will be mised." LOL!!!
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