Grade my photo manipulation

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Below are before and after photos, as well as inset photos zoomed in.

The original had construction showing, wires hanging in view, no water in the pool, shadow across the golf course (which was cropped out in the original photo), palm trees still tied up and pieces of the building missing (as you can see in the inset photos), and ugly smog-filled sky, etc...

Let me know how I did on "fixing" this photo. Believe it or not, this photo was shot by a pro. I couldn't believe it when I got the proofs back. Thankfully, I was able to "pretty it up" a little to the point where it's usable in ads.





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You show off!!! It's excellen

You show off!!! It's excellent work! Rating: 10 out of 10. :D

How did you do the green grass from the shadowed grass???

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Lots of color sampling/adjust

Lots of color sampling/adjusting and overlays of a completely different green from another photo he took earlier in the day.

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Yes. Definate 10! The tree to

Yes. Definate 10! The tree tops in the inset are obvious copies. Some flipped horizontally. I love it though. Great shadow work. How? One minor detail however..the little building that was drawn in next to the front-right corner of the hotel: the front wall is not 3D. But, this is definately great. Wow. the pool water, the shadows, windows, phone line, clouds, the little white chimney thing, the gate to the pool/cabana...the list goes on. excellent.

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is the main lawn on the hill

is the main lawn on the hill rendered? the large uneven spot in the shadow is gone. Also any tree that is near the lawn and has a shadow on it was replaced. Did you draw the new trees, or 3D rendering? Little white wooded shrub has no shadow. Grass line is altered too. What other software did you use?