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I posted a logo for bluBOX storage earlier and now the company had to change their name to GoVault Mobile Storage www.govaultstorage.com. Here is their new logo, any thoughts or slight tweaks?

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Still don't like the lock to

Still don't like the lock to represent storage.

BTW, did the company not check uspto.gov for their company name?

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I guess it was really,

I guess it was really, really bad timing where both companies were incorporated within a week of each other. When the owner did the preliminary search for bluBOX, there was no other company and he moved forward. At the same time, the 2nd company was started and then proceeded to register a similar tradename.

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I think the lock needs to be

I think the lock needs to be more high-tech. I agree with natobasso.

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A third vote against the

A third vote against the lock. It's the kind that kids use on their lockers at school. The slightly "letter sweater" font reinforces this tired old schoolish idea. You want something the suggests a higher level of security than that.

In any case (pun intended), there are too many cases involved, too scrunched together. Let it breathe! If you do nothing else, bring the descender of the lower-case "g" down to hit the baseline of "MOBILE STORAGE."


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FYI, I voted for the box in the early proofs...

I say the lock is very appropriate for storage companies, but it's way too common. I design postcards and door hangers for storage companies, and I come across too many storage logos using the storage lock. All in all, this company isn't going to stand out from the crowd.

Also, I'm not a fan of the colors. Ivan is right, it needs to look more high tech. If your not tweaking the lock, perhaps you should choose a better color scheme to give it that high tech look.

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I really like the color and

I really like the color and the font.

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I don't dislike it, bit it's never going to compete with...

...stuff like this:

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