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Freelance designers needed.

We're currently setting up a crowdsourced design agency. We're looking for cool designers and coders to join our crowd.

We're a design agency, which will not involve you producing work in a competition like style, we're about FAIRTRADE for designers. You get paid for any work you do with us.

So if you're interested join up at . We'll also here have designers spotlight where designers talk about their latest work, we're also going to have software tips and shortcuts. A real community, with the occasional MeetUp.

I look forward to meeting some of you.

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It's a good idea. Good luck!

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I like the idea of a fairtrade agency!

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Great idea,for top freelance designers visit the freelancing site like,

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Question... has anyone on the board ever done any actual work for these types of places and what was the experience like. I'm curious.

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@samistane - although we're a little light on projects at the moment (we're still young) we're not like limeexchange or elance, we're about giving the designer a fairer deal than $200 for a logo, this goes back to our FAIRTRADE ideology.

@Art D. Rector - I've heard a lot of horror stories from both clients and freelancers, it's all well and good having lots of work but when the whole process isn't managed it tends to go wrong!

Would be great to see you all @

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