flayer PES

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The front and back about a flayer that i did for a PES tournment(game soccer on PC or playstation)
CC appreciate


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You flyer is too busy and not one particular element stands out. There is no heirarchy. You definitely need to simplify this design ALOTT. Remember that less is more.

Very easily you can eliminate those white shapes and arrows and do something with the text to have them be more visible. I can go on and on about what should be removed but I think you get the point.


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Organize to simplify

I think the best way to simplify is to organize. What is the single most important bit of info? What comes after that? And after that... and so on.

My 2 cents: If you think EVERYTHING is equally important, then everything will be a dull gray, no matter how cool it looks.

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God I thought I was on acid for a bit. . .;)

Its very dynamic though!

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holy soccer balls!

is it for soccer? if so, why do you have Battlefield 2, call of duty 2, counter strike, world of warcraft, day of defeat and a bunch of other games on there? those have NOTHING to do with the purpose of this poster/flyer.

on the left side, get rid of the gradient in the grey arrow. get rid fo the gradient in the "PES" get rid of the outdated computer board lines at the bottom left over the "last.planet.it"
get rid of that funny red square with the dash lined circle in it.

on the right side, i'm assuming the blue sphere is a logo? (i assume that cause it looks like the sme thing over the "lastplanet.it" on the left) if so, keep it, if not, ditch it. Get rid of the orange to black halloween like gradient also.

ditch all the computer games that i listed that aren't related to the soccer tournament. get rid of all the computer board line drawings in the background again.
get rid of the orange circle gradient inside the white space with the text.

i know, it sounds like i've stripped away everything, but in reality i've left you with the basic things you need. a nice soccer field graphic repesentation, the animated soccer player (which isn't bad, he's just REALLY lost right now in the mess you have going on)
Keep the basic information you have, and keep it relevant to the subject. then repost and we'll comment again.
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oh how i hate orange to

oh how i hate orange to black gradients! Gross!

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tx for the tips

Tx all of you for the the interesting tips, very helpful.
Let me say that this is my first fleyr and for me is a little hard do"less is more" becuause i'm first an illustrator...i think :)
this company is a multiplayer/game center and want also comunicate their high power PC machines and the other games on it.



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I'd recommend using your

I'd recommend using your illustration skill an stay away from the computer until you have a solid concept. The computer is evil unless you have a clear picture of what you're designing.

Powerpoint is not a design application

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Focus on eye movement

One of the keys in good design is to pay attention to eye movement. You want to create something that is not only pleasing and interesting to the eye, but also pulls the eye into the piece in the order you intend the viewer to take it in.

Decide what the most important aspect of the flyer is that the viewer needs to catch at first glance. Make that the most visually interesting area of the page, either by isolation, color, or size. From there, as SlowX stated, try to organize your information in a straightforward and easy-to-read manner.

Start simple. If you feel it needs more, then add with caution, but make sure each element serves a communicative purpose.

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start simple

I bet for the next i 'll get something better after your nice cc...thanks guys!