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Flash ActionScript. Anyone else out there struggling to learn it?

I come from the old school of print. Now, everyone wants you to know print and web.

Fine. I take some classes. I am comfortable with Dream Weaver, have taken my intro and begging class to Flash (comfortable with that also).

Now, I'm taking a class in ActionScript and loosing my mind.

Any other designers out there have any insight to wrapping my head around this foreign language?

And, just how important is it for me to know?


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Actionscript is a programming. Totally different from design. So just take your time. Without prior programming experience you need to give yourself time. Just keep doing things that you understand over and over until they become so easy you don't need to think about them. Then learn some more.

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What Ivan said. When I started Actionscripting I didn't really understand the language either but I just copied pieces from internet and pasted them into my own Flash movie, but over the time I started to understand them more and more and write them by myself.

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Bah. Flash is dead technology!

LOL When I STARTED AS I was noob. Now I am STILL a noob 7-8 years later, becasue I didn't keep up with the technology. . . AS is now somewhat out of my league unfortunately. . .

That and CSS! :P

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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I am in the same boat, have been in the print trade as a designer / artworker for 10 years, I got made redundent in January and went freelance, had plenty of customers due to the old company going under! but...

Most of my 'acquired' customers wanted web work as well, so I got a couple of freelancers in to help now and again, but it was slashing my profits, so decided to learn myself (lots and lots of books, DVDs, eLearning etc), have got CSS down to a good understanding now, but flash still baffles me. I can animate, but not make interactive yet. This is my next mission!

Flash isn't very 'good practice' as far as accessability or SEO is concerned anyway, at least that's what I tell my clients!

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