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Fixed width elements in a full screen Flash site

So, here is this great site:


I'm looking to do something similar, where page elements move around when the window resizes, and can sometimes overlap. If anyone knows where I can find a tutorial that would help me create flash files that fill an entire window, but contained fixed width elements, it'd be amazing. Thanks!

ps. it doesn't even have to be that complicated, Otten's site displays the same idea as above without too much complexity.


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I suggest going to flashkit.com for a vast array of flash tutorials. you should be able to find something there.

not too complicated sometimes requires a page of actionscript.


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Its using a form of XHTML to render the page as well as a CSS stylesheet that seems to be dictating how the page loads. then the JavaScript kicks in to activate something inside of the actionscript of the .swf file. lol THAT"S good programming!

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