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Force refresh a Firefox window

refresh iconWhen developing websites I need to make sure that the page I'm looking at is using the latest images and stylesheets. They tend to be loaded from the cache therefore so I may not see the recent changes. I found that by holding the Apple (Command) key and clicking the refresh button I can force Firefox to reload ALL the elements of the page therefore I can make sure I'm looking at the latest set of files. What is your experience?

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on windows it is "shift"-key and clicking the refresh button

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I thought it was Ctrl+F5...

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I've been using Shift + Ctrl + R, which works beautifully. I guess there really is more than one way to skin a cat.

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I use "disable cache" in the Web Developer Extension. It isn't as efficient as a keyboard shortcut but it goes in a batch of tests with this great extension !

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I know it's a lost cause but any tips on how to do this in Explorer?
I constantly have clients who don't see the changes.
Hit Refresh!
I did. Still not there.
Refresh the style sheet.
Nothing's changed.
Then I try to tell them how to empty their cache.
Nope. Still not working.
Then I tell them: "Trust me. The change has been made. The rest of the world will see the change. Unless they've been to your site recently. In which case they'll see the cached version. Sorry."

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Unfortunately there's no good way to guarantee a perfect refresh in IE. As per Microsoft design, the program remembers too damn much info. I usually have people reload the page...then got to Tools and Internet Options. Have them delete files (making sure they check "delete all ofline content.") If this still doesn't work, I have them go to or and have them look at their site there. Since it's going through a proxy, there's no cached information and they should be able to see the site as it shows on the web.

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To reload a page and bypass the cache:
either: Hold the Ctrl key, and press F5.
or: Hold the Ctrl key, and click the Refresh button on the Start bar.

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