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This is the cover for an annual brochure published by the Friends of Fine Arts and Communcation group, which is associated with the college of the same name at my university. The primary target audience is senior citizens, and it must convey one or more of the ideas of music, art, theatre, or communication in general. I also had to include the FFAC logo. The final product is 4x9 inches printed.

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It seems to me like the type needs some work. I had a hard time with the hierarchy of the headline, I wasn't really sure what to read first. Also I think that the "texas state" part is treated very well, but it needs more space, because it is jammed up against the title.

Hope it helps.

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You need to put your title

You need to put your title in order because I read it wrong at first, but I guess that's their logo, so nothing you can do about it, huh? I would try to incorporate something Theatre (maybe a mask?).

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Is the "friends" part their

Is the "friends" part their current logo??

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I think the whole friends of

I think the whole friends of fine art blah blah is the whole logo.

Oh... and since this is an annual brochure, I'd probably put the year on it.

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It Is, Unfortunately, a Requirement

The logo is indeed that of the school's. I agree with the previous comments in that the order and spacing of the type is poor. Too bad, so sad, though.

Good suggestion with the date... completely forgot. Thanks!

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Nice concept, but needs more work

I like the little fagments coming together forming a picture. Your headline needs work. I had to restart reading it twice before I understood which word comes first and which one next. There is lot of empty space in the right and bottom area. You would want to show lot of activities. What other arts are performed, try to add more objects to your collage to make it busy and fun the same way as you already started with the paints.

Thx for posting good work!

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Good Suggestion

I will definitely add more activities... Perhaps a dancer or thespian to fill the lower-right space.

If by the "headline" you mean the logo, then I can't change that (as noted above). It is the official logo of the organization and they will not allow me to alter it, at least not now.


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I disagree

I like the white space, don't clutter it up, the concept is solid, sheet music and paint both used well and encompases everything, music which can be dance or instramental, paint which leads to art, drawn, painted or anything done on a type of media. other images such as dancing or other arts can be used inside the brochure.

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I too appreciate the white

I too appreciate the white space and don't feel that you need to add much more to sell the whole idea of the arts. Maybe you could add one more object to depict theatre or communication. But I think you shouldn't add much more or else it will begin to look too busy with all the objects and fragments on there. I find it too often that clients want me to add more and use up all the empty space that when I can get away with allowing some visual breathing room I like to take advantage of that. Nice work.

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doesn't this need a headline?

to voice the concept of the art? some kind of catchy tagline.

"bringing the arts together" or some stupid thing like that

you's have to make the logo smaller to fit it (i agree that that logo neds work, but what you gonna do?)

i like whte space too.