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Studio Sesti
i's a company that produce open-air shows.
Those are based on a baroque concept of Festa, but they mix
fireworks and projection and areal and mass dance....
tradition and innovation.

Comments please.

I'm the company set designer... not a pro!

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Hey there.

It's a good start. I like the fonts. But the "S" needs to be redone. It's not a very smooth shape. It needs to flow more. Try starting with an existing "S" maybe then use your pen tool to shape it from there. I would also probably bring the end of the S to a point like you did at the top. It just sort of ends without any effect.

Also I'm not to crazy about the gradient in the S. A solid color or graphic might look better inside of it...

I like where you're going though. Just needs some fine-tuning.

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it almost looks like you're trying to make the S into a clef mark, but not quite succeeding.

agreed that the gradient is weak and should probably be left out (along with the lens flare, please).

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Yes.. In the beginning the S was more like the violin ff . I will work on it

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Is it bed to put font with serif together san seris? I like it

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i need to see it in all black to really buy the mark.

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Beside that please concern that the words "studio" and the tagline both are too small, especially the tagline, its too thin and small, also it is crossing the S, find another placement.

will work for fun :))

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Il fin, la meraviglie should NOT be in a white rectangle...what the heck!

Fireworks and projection and areal and mass dance sounds dynamic and exciting!

Too bad this logo doesn't reflect that.

Leaky Penny

We artists are indestructible, even in a prison cell or concentration camp I would be almighty in my own world of art. Even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell. - Pablo Picasso

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Yes thank you, but the idea was to reflect more the italian tradition style, with a touch of modern

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Yes thank you, but the idea was to reflect more the italian tradition style, with a touch of modern

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Two company, one is based on south america , the gold one in Europe

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The bottom one has potential imho. I'd like to see the S smoother still - it's a little lumpy, especially around the lower right. The tips of the S should have the same tips as the t. Then lower the S down some - it should be sitting lower in the logo.

Delete the tag line.

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Thank you!
But the tag line I really won't to delite is a must for the company board...
Probaby if I leave even more space?

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That's come a long way! I really like the top one best. I like how the "Studio" sits atop the "F".
Nice work.

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