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Fatal Mac OS error!

A PC guy brought this to my attention to prove his point that Macs suck!


On the bright side, we finally found something PCs are better than Macs at.

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I argued this once before, it really is all about the FPU (Floating Point Unit) on the computer itself more then likely. I doubt it has anything to do with Windows or Mac OS, but the actual hardware.

got code?

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One of the article's comments said that the same was true of the Windoze calculator, and that it wasn't fixed until XP. I just tried it here with Mac OS X's built-in Calculator app (using his example, 9533.24 - .1 = the incorrect answer, 9533.139999999999) and it did come up with the correct answer (9533.14).

So it must have been fixed in 10.3. (Or maybe in a Panther update? I'm running 10.3.5 now.) :)

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