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Farmers Market Logo Revisted

This is the final version of the logo I started and posted about here: http://www.creativebits.org/farmers_market_logo

I made some color changes and some alterations to the refection elements on the perimeter of the design. I'm not unhappy with the concept, I just ran out of time to toy with it until I was pleased with the execution. As it stands I think it does a suitable job as a logo, and a more than suitable job as a finished assignment. Truth be told I had another concept I wish I would've pursued instead, but when do any of us get the time we want?

So. You've seen the original post, you've seen the minor changes in this finished version. Let me have it with both barrels!

Thanks as usual to those who take the time to look and share. It's always appreciated!

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My thoughts are still the same. Maybe I am wrong but I still think that the natural, green, home grown feeling is not there. Any way good luck.

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Wow. You have totally succeeded in not taking a single constructive critisism offered by a half dozen members. Well done!

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You know what? You're right... I just took a closer look at what I had posted originally; the changes I thought were significant are almost unnoticeable on final inspection.

Color me embarrassed.

Oh well. Chalk it up to a lesson learned: post critiques with enough time to apply the good advice I receive! Thanks regardless everyone. The advice is always listened to and considered... unfortunately in this case just not applied.

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Eh. It happens. All good.

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