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engenius Logo

Here's a draft for a logo for a software development, design and interactive company that will be called Engenius Labs Ltd. The expertise will include website design, application development, marketing communications and e-commerce. The overall goal is to have it a fresh, "ingenious" sense of style logo. Let the critiques come in.

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Not bad! I would say that the i gets lost between the n and u and the e at the beginning of the logo looks out of place. Maybe just use that e as your icon and let the text be consistent?

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i'll go for the first one in the 1st column, and for the second one in the 3rd column.the ones in the middle are to crowded and the main logo [that "e"] is a good one so it can surely stand could try some sort of gradients on that "e" to look more hi-tech. on the other hand you can use 2 plain colours in the logo..that tail of the "e" ..use on it a strong and vivid colour. i don't agree with the orange but you know better what that client requires.i'll go for a green/blue combination.cheers!

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I think you accomplished the 'fresh' style with this design. Great work!

On the technical side the kerning on the wordmark is WAY too tight which creates an awkward tension. (Let the letters 'breathe')

I really like the 'e' logos... especially the one in the circle but find the type on all of those microscopic. (It melts at the current size)

On the logo I suggest thickening the interior gap a touch and try breaking the border with the lower left tail and recenter as the extreme upper right balance isn't necessary.

You're very close to a strong mark and my personal opinion is a combination of #2 and #3 would serve you well.

P.S. - You don't need to include insignificant information like... Inc., LLC or Ltd. in a logo.

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and maybe i'm over creative, but it looks like a set of crossed fingers, like "we promise to give good service, really, we do, just don't look behind our backs"

lol.. okok, so i am exagerating, but none the less, i do like the logo. nice work so far

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I totally agree the second column set's text needs some breathing room and the texts on the third column are too small ... It's one of those times when your eyes get tired and get overlook the basic little things. You guys have been really helpful. Thanks for all your inputs.

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I think it's a really nice design. I would recommend you try some other typefaces (a bit heavier in weight), or a least explore options with the one you've used. Kerning is too tight for"ge" & "nius" and too open for "La".

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My biggest complaint is the kerning is too small and close together. Space it out and it will be fine.

I really really like the "E", and the type in the middle choices. I think if you're going to do a shape around the E, keep it rounded.

Keep the big type - it looks strange with a nice bold logo and little tiny type.

I like Creative_NRG's example, and the coloured dot is a good idea, as well. :) Incorporates the colour with the entire design.

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Combining the "e" logo with the logotype as one word is a mistake. I like an approach such as the one Creative_NRG suggested.


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