Elephant paints self portrait

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Unbelievable. I'm pissed enough at kids with gaming PCs running CorelDraw undercutting me with their prices on logo designs. Now, apparently elephants started painting to make a living. What's next? Ant eaters doing glamor retouching?

I understand we are going through a recession and everybody's trying to make a living. But, we have to stop these elephants! Otherwise we will soon be payed with bananas. I propose we let these beast eat their own dog food, er.. I mean elephant food. Let them realize what they are doing to us designers. Let us all start carrying giant tree logs all day and let's see what they have to say about us taking their job! Who's with me!?

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The Dumbo Lisa

Wow. You'd expect a monkey to pull off this kind of feat, but an elephant? Animals and life never cease to amaze me.


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Does that job come with medical and workman's comp?

"Try not, Do! or do not, there is no try."

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I ALREADY work for peanuts!


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At least he found a job—I'm still looking! Ugh!

suzanne maestri-walters :: graphic designer :: www.onegirlcreative.com

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Not strictly true

See Urban Legends for the full story…


The above-linked video is "true" in the sense that it represents the real phenomenon of elephants who have learned to paint with the caveats that "painting" in this sense means the animals outline and color specific drawings they've been taught to replicate (rather than abstractly making free-form portraits of whatever tickles their pachydermic fancies at the moment), they work under the direction of trainers, they don't all exhibit the same level of proficiency, and the quality of their output can be highly variable.

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