Duwamish River Festival

This is another poster I have been working on. It's for the Duwamish River Festival in Seattle. The concept is pretty self-explnatory. I was hoping to get some feedback on color, composition, etc. Thanks!

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Love it

This is great - I like the illustration style and calm pallette.

The only thing I'd ask is what the festival is. A quick web-search suggests that the festival offers activities in Duwamish river park like kayaking and river clean-up. While poster suggests the ecological nature of the festival, it would be nice to find out a bit more about what it is or where someone could find out more (a web address?).

All in all, love it!

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agreed. i like the style and

agreed. i like the style and look, but it's very light on information and it doesn't have a place to put any information. including some important stuff. including the year, which is very important if it's an annual thing.

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It's a good start. I like

It's a good start. I like the illustrations, especially the city idea. The color looks very wintery, though. . .not sure if it's the light blue or what, but I think of snow before I think of a river.

I agree about the lack of information. Before Alex said anything, I didn't have a clue what the poster was about. At least some kind of "To find out more go to:" info is pretty necessary in my opinion.


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I like it

but I have to agree about wintry colors and lack of info. I hate to say it, but the water droplets make me think of rain more than a river. perhaps a fish or some other river related imagery could work in place of your main water droplet

Possible info that would work on such a poster would be:
- a listing of main events that have the most draw, with days and times
- phrases such as "city-wide" or "at the waterfront park"

"...and mamma cried: Watch out where the huskies go, don't you eat that yellow snow" - Frank Zappa


I will agree with the colors being winterish. I will try some different colors, perhaps adding a little cyan\green. This is a school assignment so everything is pretty much open. I was looking for something that may fit better like a "rain fest" or or something like that, but I couldnt find much...ideas?

I will definitely add some more information (venue, date, year, etc)


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I like it. The water drop

I like it. The water drop seems a bit too rigid... maybe have it undulate some so it is not so linear?

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