Do you guys use Wacom tablets?

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I was just wondering how many of you guys use tablets when designing anything. Do you think there useful? I was thinking of getting one.

Mike Mazz

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Yes, I do and I think it's

Yes, I do and I think it's absolutely great. You should get it and take time to get used to it.

You may need up to 2 month till you can switch completely form mouse to tablet. First you may want to use it for drawing, retouching, etc. only. Once you get some practice you can force yourself using it for general tasks for a few minutes at a time. After a few weeks you will be more comfortable, faster and more precise with a tablet than with the mouse and you will never want to go back. But, again. It takes time, so be patient with yourself.

Get one size smaller than you think you would need. I think A6 active area is perfectly enough, unless you use two monitors or a monitor of size 22" or bigger. Then you should get an A5 active area version. A4 is really only for full time artists who do illustrations all day and have very good drawing skills. The average designer will suffer with an A4 tablet and will eventually resize the active area of the tablet to a smaller space thus, you will be wasting all that money and space on your table.

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Thanks for the advice

Thanks, I do not know much about tablets but I knew that graphic designers use them and that they come in handy. I have tried one before and I bet it does take some time to getting use to, it felt a little odd when I first tried it. I used one that had a built-in LCD display, it was really cool. But I was just looking at the Wacom Tablet at Best Buy, the Wacom Bamboo 5.8 x 3.7 inch

So, do you have opinion for a good starter tablet?

Mike Mazz

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I think the ones without the

I think the ones without the built in LCD is better. The pen doesn't get in the way of your drawing.

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Amen. I want one of

Amen. I want one of those.


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I have this pad and its

I have this pad and its great. I have recently found it to be rather small but excellent for beginner tablets. I generally only use the wacom tablet for times when i need real fluent gestures. like doing ornaments and when i need natural smoothness to my brush strokes. The best part about is the wacom is that it is sensitive to the pressure you apply and changes the width of your stroke accordingly. To think that this could be replaced by a mouse is silly and foolish. The average 5 button mouse is far superior and i would just smile at someone trying to make the argument otherwise.

The wacom tablet is helpful but not essential. I have this product and its great. The packaging is awesome as well.

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Take away my Tablet and I'll be rendered almost completely useless. I'm even starting to get dysfunctional when I go back to using a mouse... even for normal point and click stuff like the internet, Dreamweaver, etc. I totally recommend it.
-Where did the fedoras go?

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Only for masking and painting

Wacom user for at least 15 years.

I know a lot of artists who do everything with their tablets but I really only need it for drawing masks or painting.

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More posts on this

More posts on this site:

"Powerpoint is not a design application"

Wacom Bamboo

I picked up a Wacom Bamboo for $60 a while back, relatively inexpensive and handy to have around even for the occasional use.

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I've had a tablet for years,

I've had a tablet for years, and I have yet to use it much - this post makes me want to pull it out and try using it more often. Thanks, Ivan, for the reality check on getting used to them, because that was my biggest problem.

It's just really weird for me drawing like I would with a pen and not looking directly down at what I'm drawing, but instead drawing and looking at the screen. That, and the tool selection stuff gets to me.

In any case, I think I'll play around with mine more... maybe even bring it in to work since I do more design work AT work than I do at home, and that might give me more practice time with it.

(Maybe then I'll get so used to it that I can't take it away from work and will have to buy another one for home, lol).

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Yes, those problems you

Yes, those problems you mentioned will go away with time. You will actually not feel the difference. It's actually a good thing your hand doesn't cover the area you're drawing.

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I have Wacom Bamboo

And it's very useful sometimes but I didn't have enough patience to used to it and replace the mouse. Using it only for drawing. It is A6 active area but it's completely enough for all my needs.

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I use a Wacom tablet

I use a Wacom tablet exclusively. Instead of a traditional mouse, I use the Wacom wireless mouse on the pad. I usually use the pen for drawing. It helps prevent injury to be able to switch form one to the other on repetitive tasks. I'd be lost without my Wacom tablet. You probably don't need the largest, fanciest one. I get by just fine with one that has an active area not much bigger than the typical mouse pad.


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Digital painting, mostly.

I use one when I need a mouse for my laptop (wireless on the tablet), and I use the pen when I do digital painting. Most of what I do (web design) is more convenient with a mouse, at least for me.

My tablet is really old and small (4x5) -- and not as responsive as it could be. I bet they are a lot better now. I should really invest in a brand new one.


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I love mine and I gave it a

I love mine and I gave it a screen and merge with a macbook :D

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Yes do it!

You'll love it.

I've had my A4 tablet for about 12 years now and it's followed me from job-to-job as I can't use a mouse for designing anymore.

I would say that for a serious Photoshop/Illustrator user it is an essential purchase in my opinion.

Saying that - I use it for EVERYTHING!


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Which makes and models of

Which makes and models of tablet to people use and prefer?

I've got an ancient Graphire that works very nicely, but I'm constantly tempted to upgrade to something a little larger!

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Mine's a really old A4 Wacom Intuos from about '97. Still going strong, but very worn!

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can't work without it

I use my intuos3 6x11 exclusively. I'll admit that when I bought it 2 years ago, it was a bit of a splurge and a leap of faith that I would use it enough to warrant the price, but it has increased my productivity so much, that it has far exceeded its worth. I honestly couldn't imagine myself using my machine on a daily basis without this tablet - I use it for everything from standard finder navigation through retouching, illustration, and even flash/code. It's quite honestly as important to me as my actual computer and OS - it's integral to my workflow.

Also, I'm new here. Just stumbled upon the site when searching for the latest on the Linotype X cost increase/appearance, but this seems to be a great resource for the latest in design. Great find.


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I brought my tablet into

I brought my tablet into work... still haven't made the leap towards using it, though. LOL.

One of these days... I'm just so comfortable with my mouse.

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