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Dept Clothing Store

Hi Guys!

What is this?
Logo for my new clothing line / clothing store coming soon!

Name: Dept. (meaning department) — I didn't come up with the name so don't ask! :)

SMP: Trendy designer clothing, at reasonable prices.

T.O.V: Friendly, Trendy, Cool and Relaxed.

U.S.P: Unique designs.

Colors in mind—Orange & Brown/Recycled Paper.

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The second one needs to go. Either I'm not seeing it or it simply doesn't read right - almost looks like a religious clothing company. The third one, because it's in all caps, reads as an acronym for something... Dogs Eat Pop Tarts, maybe? I like the last one, it kinda has that trendy look you are going for, but that upward slant of the letters bothers me. The first one I like too. Very clean and simple. But none of them really say "unique designs."

If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative.

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Damn. That has to be the most confusing company name ever. Is it pronounced "Dept" or the full "department"? Because "dept" might work - "department" would be a critical business error imho...

"Let's go to Department!"

"What? You want to go to my apartment?"

"No - Department."

"What department?"

"The store"

"The department store?"


"Okay - which department store?"



Far left is the best of four weak selections imho. None of them are calling my name and orange and brown doesn't appeal to me on any level.

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ha! thats awesome art!

logos. decent first step. keep working

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Thanks for the feedback so far :)

I agree on the name being a confusing, I didn't make it up but I can actually see it working as a name. The main issue in the name to me is that it doesn't sound designer/exclusive. As mentioned, I didn't come up with the name, but it's still open for change.

I understand these designs aren't strong at this stage, I'm still in the development process, I like to start with something simple and go wild on brand identity, but still open to push the logo as far as I can :)

The far left is the strongest one in my opinion as it adds a human element that becomes approachable/friendly.

First one reminds me too much of the abc network logo.

Second one (ambigram) looks too much like iDept...!

Yeah I'm critiquing my own work. What do you guys think?

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Number 1. It's a simple and strong mark. Whatever colour you choose as your base execution keep the type white. Then, as the visual identity develops, consider capturing a more designer/fashion feel by changing out the colour and texture of the disk for different seasons or campaigns or applications
Denim/canvas/corrugated iron/linen/paint etc
Once you've taken over the world, rare limited editions of particular executions will become highly sought after. You can send me a first edition sterling-silver medallion. Thanks.

Write a wise saying and your name will live forever – Anonymous.


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Would love to. Thanks Anon great idea :)!

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Ronaldo! xD

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#1 best of them but looks as any other type inside circle.
#2 is anti-christ, too rebel
#3 80's
#4 coffee addicted schizo

the naming is not so unique for clothing brand

source http://www.fancythatkingston.com/

Ronaldo! xD

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Too true!

Yeah I saw that womens fashion label! Time for a rename I think. WAH! :(

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