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Deleting duplicate files

Is there a way to delete duplicate files on a computer? Mac, running snow leopard.

::heather malone

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I'm using this:

because I like to run it first in simulation mode and see the result in txt file. To be sure I really want to remove all those files found by application. Then I can use the same txt file for removing the files I want.

make the file executable first:
# chmod u+x rmdupe-1.0.3

then run it like this:
# ./rmdupe-1.0.3 -R --sim /full/path/to/directory > save-the-result-in-this-file.txt

then I go through txt file and keep the lines there with paths to files I really want to delete. also, do search and replace all instances of " sim-removing " with nothing. simply get rid of them.

and the last step would be:
# cat save-the-result-in-this-file.txt | while read line; do rm -f "${line}"; done

-f means force! so be careful with lines you kept in that txt file :)

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