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Critique for my logo

Hi! I made this logo for a humanitarian foundation called: "Succes aproape de oameni" (Succes near to people). Please give me your honest opinion about it!

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Look at your thumbnail - the reduced versions in the upper left. Can you read those? I can't. It's too detailed for reduction. Overall, the artwork is well executed, but fairly paint-by-numbers... meaning there's nothing original or intriguing about it. It also doesn't say "people" to me in anyway.

Imho... put this aside and come up with 2 or 3 other versions that are totally different.

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Makes me think of a branded vegetable because of the colours and ribbon. Just as a side note- your black and white isn't actually black and white, it's just grayscale, many tones- no solid blacks.

If you made this foundation could you explain what it does? Help people succeed? I'm not sure if it's meant to or not but in English it doesn't translate into anything self-explanatory.

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maybe for green beer brewery:

yes I'm brazilian xD

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you have conflicting styles going on. there is the smooth glassy gradient on the globe. the clean edges on the leaves and type then the wood cut style on the banner.

pick one, maybe two if they juxtapose nicely. bu definitely NOT - THREE.

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This just seems like different pieces of clip art slapped together, which is what wgzn might be picking up on. I agree that this doesn't really "say" anything. Please try again, emphasizing humans, not globes.

It would be helpful to know what kind of "success" this organization promotes. It is individual accomplishment, overcoming an obstacle, working with a team of other people, or what?


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I thought beer too, it's the grains…

mara06… your're right, avoid globes…

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