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Hi guys,
I work for a marketing company, and we are trying to research "creative emails"...do any of you have any suggestions of companies that have informational emails that are "outside of the box" (such as a creative way to deliever information...animation-wise, graphic-wise, or anything!), I don't receive much spam, so I don't have any good examples.

Thank You!

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Probably you should hire a

Probably you should hire a marketing company that specializes in new media advertising and have them advise you on how to tool up.


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Just don't. Seriously.

Don't send "clever" email. Just get to the point fast, cause you're wasting my time if you don't, and then I won't buy your product/service.

And by the way. Interactive animation such as Flash doesn't work in email, nor does Java, Javascript or most other web technologies for that matter - for the most part, anyway.

Say what you have to say, and say it fast. Personally, I like HTML email, as long as it's kept simple. This allows you to use large headlines, and a few images to get your point across.

Just my 2¢

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These are for vehicle

These are for vehicle reminders...so it's like a reminder from your auto shop to get your oil changed....so we want to display the information in a clever way in order to help our automotive shops customer's read the email and go in and get the service done.

I agree, that it needs to be simple/etc...and yes I know interactive info doesn't work.

We are just trying to figure out the most effective way to get this done.


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Oh, thanks for the

Oh, thanks for the explanation. It would have been helpful to have had that info in the brief.

People are all about spending money wisely. Gimmicky e-mails aren't going to get people coming to your shop. You might even chase them away; they'll think you're being profligate with your cash.

If these are customers already on line with you, they'll recognize your e-mail addy, but include your business name AND the "pitch," briefly, in the subject line ("ABC Motors Says Time's Up!"). Then in the body ot the e-mail, get to the point. Emphasize how smart it is to of take of your automotive assets by changing your oil regularly. Tell them your records indicate it's time for their next change. Tell 'em the price -- and the price of replacing an engine that hasn't been properly maintained. Does your service include tire rotation? Mention how this can extend the life of the tires. You get the idea. But make it very short.

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