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CONCEPTS-Getting Closer?

Thanks for all of the input so far. It really helps the process. That said, I've taken advice from a number of sources and come up with this new page of sketches. You'll see a few new attempts, some old (and untouched) ones and some adaptations of others. Once again...thanks!

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I like how B and D are shaping up. I'm not liking A, because it would seem to pigeonhole the company as a very traditional firm.

For B, I would leave out the weird outlines, but the design inside the diamond is strong. The separation from the name is troublesome, but if you can make the mark strong, it could work as a simple icon.

For D, I get the sense of the infinity symbol, which is good, but I'm not sure how it ties in to the firm. I would explore the idea, and if it fits in with the brief, I like it.

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Wow! Very nice hand drawn sketches! Kudos on hitting the pencil and paper *before* the computer.

I like the D the best. To me, the symbol evokes a sort of infinity symbol, a beginning and end and a whole process. I'm interested to see how that translates on the computer.

I also like E in that the symbol looks like a fresh, newly growing idea. It loses a bit of readability, but that might be resolved once you hit the computer.

A is a bit fussy, and might not work well at different (smaller sizes). All in all though, nice work!

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"A" As is. Don't even clean it up in Illustrator. Vectorize it, ship it out, IMO.

Oh, maybe drop the word concepts down a bit. Just a tad.

Leaky Penny

We artists are indestructible, even in a prison cell or concentration camp I would be almighty in my own world of art. Even if I had to paint my pictures with my wet tongue on the dusty floor of my cell. - Pablo Picasso

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A is nice for hemp clothing or something like that. It doesn't say interior design to me at all, unless the client will emphasize Rococo style exclusively. B, which shares the so-whatness of A, has now lost whatever appeal it once had, because you've over-stylized it with the border thing. Neither C nor D does anything for me at all.

All these symbols are arbitrary. The whole detached scroll mark idea is arbitrary and really unhelpful to this client, but I won't harp on it. I say that only so I can compliment you on the one iteration (F) in which you've attempted to incorporate some kind of mark/scroll/thing into the company's name. I don't believe a porthole/round mirror with fleur-de-lys handles is saying anything of value, but it's a stop in the right direction. That said, I really don't care for it as much as i should.

E makes me think of garden seed propagation.

So far, I think A is the prettiest, but again, what does it actually tell us about the company?


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A + B sketches: you need to study "crests" logos
C + D: looking infinity symbol makes me vertigo
E + F: forget

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"All these symbols are arbitrary."

Bingo. Throw a dart at any of the 20 or so you've shown us and you'll get 6 equally relevant (or irrelevant) marks. None of them say "interior design" to me. "A" is still acceptable (given the choices), but personally I'd take the scrolls off "D" and make those lines straight so they look like doors leading into round rooms or something. Designing interior space as opposed to decorating with scrolls. That might be the real problem in a nutshell - the client is thinking along the lines of interior "decorating" as opposed to interior "design".

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I love your designs and I personally don't think any of your marks are arbitrary. I do however, feel, that the concepts are stretching beyond interior design- which is fine as long as you have some part of your design that roots us back into your industry- and I think that's what you're lacking. I'd say to explore solutions on how to make each mark have that root in interior design while still maintaining these more abstract associations.

Personally, I like how F is feeling like a compass- the idea of your company as a navigator in the aesthetics of interior design is especially nuance to me. Great work!!!

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