Chronicles of the Homeless Stripper Clown


Five page spread (including the cover) of a friend's story she wanted me to publish. Direction was "trippy" and "classless"... so I did what I could using some pictures of the inspirational character herself, and a collage of what I thought could best describe such a character. Not too much other creative direction than that... Used it for a project in a class, but kind of want to add it to the portfolio...thoughts?

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I'm on the verge of liking

I'm on the verge of liking this one. It's just almost there for me. trippy and classless - very much so! I think however, you can push it a bit more. I love how you've layered photos throughout. It makes it very visually interesting. For some reason, i love the pink e's. I have no idea why they're all pink, but it really makes me feel like it's going to be some secret reason the e's are set out. I like how her eyes are covered by the type and black boxes - very nice.

The inside however, could use a little work. I feel that there are two many fonts at work - too many elements maybe. i think a really nice grid would do nicely in here. I think the legibility doesn't work well for me. my eyes sort of don't know where to go first, there's just not enough hierarchy here.

A good book that i'm thinking of, is the heroin diaries - Niki Sixx's book. It's a little more dirty, but if you can get your hand on a copy of it, it's really got a great idea of using a grid without looking like it. Everything feels really like a piece of his life - it might just give you a good direction or inspiration. Or, it's just a really good book, just thought it might help.

On the third page, i would also make that purple box a little less transparent. Some of the type gets lost on the left side where the leg is.

I'd push it a few steps more, and use it for your portfolio. I think sometimes a lot of portfolios can look too corporate, and this might just show you have a lot of creativity to showcase.

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