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Chicken Package Design

I need feedback for new Product "MISS CHICKEN" Chicken Package. Need your suggestions.

Thanks in Advance.

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hmmm, chicken :D

I prefer bottem right. Definetly not top left, that's like a stop sign :D

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Number 1 says: "DON'T EAT"
Number 2: Wtf.
Number 3: Mediocre logo compared to 4
Number 4: My favorite, although I would reconsider the use of the yellow part. Makes it look dated.

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"DON'T EAT" was great xD
I loved the #1 logo and think the naming is weird =D

yes I'm brazilian xD

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raw chicken looks awful, could you not use a picture of some crispy, spit cooked, juicy chicken? Or is that a window showing the product?

#3 has the best chicken character, but it looks more like a rooster than a hen to me, the product is called 'Miss Chicken'

#4 has the most interesting shape to the lozenge / warped oval, but it still looks quite disjointed.

'100% natural' is not conveyed very well by the colour pallette you have selected. Bright reds, yellows and greens hardly shout 'natural', choose more earthy tones.

What is a natural chicken anyway? Like a non robotic chicken? Is it organic, free-range or caged?

"Natural 100% Fresh" = Still Alive....

living on dreams and custard creams.

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Thank you so much everybody for your critiques

@monkey1979 oval shape is tranpsparent window

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The text isn't large enough on any of the packages. Do some research on the web and you'll find some good inspiration:

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