Chek this very usefull tool

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Hello I was doing my homework and looking for new typefaces for the lory logo when I ended here, is free and is to help you with colors and to find matches . Works RGB and HTML color numbers. Works also Photoshop and Ilustrator table colors. Also suggests Pantone Color matches. So it might come usefull when you are in the middle of chossing or pixeling a color match for a logo or a photo.

Good Luck!


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very nice site, thanks for posting this.. i've seen loads of color guide style sites, but this one is what i find the best so far..

nice links, keep bringem on!

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You are so welcome!

This site also enables you to see also more posibilities on shades or hues of the same colror.

Happy color matching


Well always have Paris! Humphrey Bogart

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Best colour matching/suggesting tool i have seen. Great find!