CG & CB... they just now noticed?!

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Creative Guy and CreativeBits. Sisters? That's what Scott Kelby had to say in the July/August Layers Magazine issue. The article titled Ten Cool Sites You Need To Know About lists both CreativeBits and my site, Creative Guy.

The description of Creative Guy reads:
Like CreativeBits.org, this site (from James Dempsey) gives a great overview of what's happening in the design community, along with lots of focus on the Creative Suite and some Mac OSX tips as well. In fact, this almost seems like a sister site to CreativeBits, and maybe that's why I like it so much. Luckily, although they both cover similar topics, the news and tips are totally different. A nice, clean layout helps make it an easy, fun read, and you'll always pick up something new there.

If Mr. Kelby only knew. For those new to this fantastic site, Ivan started CreativeBits not too long ago and I came aboard, and shortly after that I spun off my own site to focus more on "software-related" tips, leaving the "design-related" tips to CB. Though I was concerned that it would either hurt Ivan's efforts here, or cause a backlash at my site, it turned out beautifully, as both sites have flourished since then.

I'm proud to have someone of Scott Kelby's stature in the graphics industry recognize my efforts with Creative Guy, and include it in his list with this great community we know as CreativeBits. Congratulations to Ivan and everyone else who makes CB what it is!

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Thanks Jim, and

Thanks Jim, and congratulation to you!

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Congratulation to both sites!

This is a motivation carrot for us all :)
Thanks Scott!

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Great Job guys!

I read that in the magazine the other day and wondered if anyone else noticed it. Very cool indeed. Keep up the great work and great tips!

(( visualrush ))

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